"Cut to the chase" data visualization?

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Hi there!

So, I have a script on a chrontab that pre-processes quite a bit of data to come up with a single metric for my product. I log the scripts results with a time stamp. Something like this:

2018.07.01 23456
2018.07.02 23567
2018.07.03 32756
2018.07.04 33554

I feed these into Logstash and tag them so I can and search for them in Kibana. It all works great!

What I am stuck on is getting the latest value into a "One Big Number" visualization. I want it to look like Metric, but obviously Metric isn't built for this sort of thing. The closest I have been able to do is to make a data table backed by my saved search, then add two term aggregations for the two fields shown above, then limit the page display to a single field.

Here is what I have so far:

Based on my reading it looks like I can change the query itself to only return a single result so that handles the multiple page issue, but beyond that I am stuck. This is what I want (hope) to be able to have it look like:



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While the name might be a little misleading, you should actually use the metric visualization for this. Try out a "Top Hits" metric, which will sort the matched documents and grab the top value just like you're doing in the table, but show it in one big number:

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You can also include additional metric aggregations if you want to show multiple stats like you do in the table:

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This would be perfect! Can you explain how to unlock "Top Hits" for the Metric visualization? There is no mention of it in the documentation and as you can see I don't have it as an option:


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Hmm, looks like it was added by https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/7302 in 5.3. What version of the stack are you using?

Not sure why it isn't listed in the docs... Created https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/20427 to track that.

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Looks like I just missed it. I'm using 5.2.1

Guess it's time for an upgrade.

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