Daily index size with rollover

Hi Can You help me to find a solution how to make a chart with daily index size.Such index are rollover a few times per day. Thx for hint

Hi @INS,
i need a solution like the yours so let me know ho you are able to do that.
I have found some command that can be usefull for you:

GET _cat/shards?v=true&h=index,prirep,shard,store&s=prirep,store&bytes=kb

maybe you can get the size of each index every day and create your chart.

Let me know if im being helpful and how you solve your problem

Hi not at all

for example if You have ILM with rollover policy for below index
and this data have been rollovered a few time per day due to size so then You want to now how much this data consume a space.

logstash-os_cord_-master-001186                        p      4     42864153
logstash-os_cord_-master-001261                        p      3     42865694
logstash-os_cord_-master-001278                        p      3     42866280
logstash-os_cord_-master-001208                        p      2     42868228
logstash-os_cord_-master-001208                        p      0     42868957
logstash-os_cord_-master-001268                        p      1     42874053
logstash-os_cord_-master-001221                        p      2     42878283
logstash-os_cord_-master-001278                        p      0     42879674
logstash-os_cord_-master-001203                        p      4     42881072
logstash-os_cord_-master-001285                        p      1     42883573
logstash-os_cord_-master-001234                        p      1     42883642
logstash-os_cord_-master-001309                        p      0     42885092
logstash-os_cord_-master-001242                        p      3     42885408
logstash-os_cord_-master-001118                        p      3     42888586
logstash-os_cord_-master-001261                        p      1     42889972
logstash-os_cord_-master-001101                        p      2     42892727
logstash-os_cord_-master-001234                        p      2     42897622
logstash-os_cord_-master-001298                        p      0     42899923
logstash-os_cord_-master-001104                        p      3     42903746
logstash-os_cord_-master-001238                        p      1     42904771
logstash-os_cord_-master-001123                        p      1     42905374
logstash-os_cord_-master-001255                        p      0     42909769
logstash-os_cord_-master-001238                        p      3     42911245
logstash-os_cord_-master-001126                        p      4     42917801
logstash-os_cord_-master-001208                        p      3     42919550
logstash-os_cord_-master-001133                        p      3     42926911
logstash-os_cord_-master-001116                        p      4     42933034
logstash-os_cord_-master-001118                        p      2     42934028

"not at all" solve it by yourself then

I think that the solution from Rollover alias with date will be a good way
but in that case I've asked about a chart.

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