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This idea is not new, but I think it's about time to revisit. It would be really nice if elastic had a community for sharing Kibana dashboards. Dashboards uploaded by users, or elastic staff, could be rated and have counters for usage. There should be a discussion community connected to it.

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Hello Christoffer,

This idea is great! As the applications are reused within many companies why whouldn't we reuse the dashboards?

I know that it was tried once but I guess that it failed because the fields were different then. But with the ECS schema it should be possible to build dashboards which apply to more users.

The only problem is that the ECS does not yet contain all fields(and maybe never will for some usecases) which are required so ECS would have to be updated or a community schema would have to be created which extends the - at this time - current ECS.

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It would have to be stated that this is "use at your own risk".
Also, index patterns should perhaps also be shared, as dashboards depend on index patterns.
I'm actually thinking about the dashboards for Beats in particular. Then the index patterns would mostly be auto-created, and using ECS schema.

Maybe I am thinking the wrong way but where is the benefit of creating (community) dashboards on the Beats data as it is written by the Beats? I mean, Elastic already provides Dashboards for standard usecases and if the new dashboards are standard usecases too maybe those should be added as a pull request to the Beats dashboards directly. This way, the dashboards would be updated when fields are migrated to ECS.

Perhaps, but there are several reasons why you wouldn't want to do that.

One is the current method to add the dashboards from beat is that you have to add them all in one go. which really makes a mess of Kibana. I suppose this could be fixed.

But another thing is that you there could be competing implementations. According to taste, or system setup.

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