Dashboard iframe triggers error


We are trying to use Kibana for generating visualisations and using their iframe on to our html pages.But recently when we are getting this error:

Looks like something went wrong. Refreshing may do the trick.

Go back or clear your session

** Fatal Error**
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

Can you help me with this?

Did you try using the browser developer tools to monitor what is failing?

Also, be aware that if the user can access kibana and view data in kibana he can access the whole elasticsearch cluster with http://kibanaurl/elasticsearch/

This is what the debugging console shows ,i couldn't figure this out

Hi @Manoj_13,

the errors visible on the screenshots look rather like follow-up errors. Are there any other exceptions being printed? And which Kibana version are you using?

Hi @weltenwort,

No other exceptions are shown up on the debugging console, I am using Kibana 5.0.1 .

Does this happen with only one particular dashboard, with multiple or all of them? Do the dashboards render correctly when accessed in Kibana directly?

I have a set of dashboards , i place them in different tabs ,once kibana loads up the present tab shows right data with no errors, but if i move on to rest of the tabs they trigger this error.

All dashboards work fine when accessed in kibana directly.

I suspect that you are experiencing the same effect described here: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/5810

It seems that placing iframes in elements hidden via javascript is very prone to errors in some browsers. Please make sure that the javascript code and styles that manage your tabs do not initialize their size to 0. Maybe lazily putting the iframes into the tabs when they are activated can work around this.

Thanks I found the Lazy Load solution quite effective while loading iFrames.

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