Dashboard layout


is there any option to change a layout of a dashboard that I missed? maybe a Kibana plugin?
I would like to rearrange the dashboard: putting 3 visualization in a row, setting a visualization height etc (without drag the border of the panel)


The only way to do this is to drag/move/resize the panels of each visualization. There isn't an "auto layout" feature where you can specify rows/columns at this point. I'm not aware of any plugins to accomplish this.

Can you elaborate on your use-case? Is the current process too tedious?

I have Dashboard with lots of gauges, and thought I can set their height and width at once.
not that urgent :slight_smile:

btw, is there an api for that?

Ah, I understand! We don't expose an API for this specific functionality.

If you want, feel free to open an enhancement request here asking for an easier way to adjust dashboard layouts

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