Dashboard per environment

Hi, we have an instance of Elasticsearch/Kibana setup to collect data from each of our three environments: development, staging, production. The incoming events are tagged appropriately with the environment name. I have setup a dashboard with various useful metrics on our events from our development environment. I now need to create this dashboard for our staging and production environments. Is there any way to do this without having to duplicate all my queries/visualisations and then modify each one to select events with the appropriate tag? e.g. maybe it is possible to somehow parameterise these objects?

Note: it isn't currently possible for us to have separate Elasticsearch/Kibana instances per environment.

Any ideas

Thanks in advance for your help,


You could probably just copy the saved objects in the .kibana index in Elasticsearch, and then edit the tag parameter using the Object Editor in Settings. It's not exactly simple, but it's an option.

The other thing you can do is load the existing visualizations and saved searches, change them to use the tags for the given environment, and then save them with a new name. That's a little easier way to duplicate the work you've already done, if the number of visualizations isn't too large.