Dashboard per environment (Continued)

I'd like to follow up on the original post here: Dashboard per environment

It has been over three years since then and I'd like to know what the general solution to this problem is as I am having a hard time finding much on it.

We have a dashboard set up comprising of visualizations for response times, error rates and other statistics and would like to reuse it across multiple environments. Each environment has multiple index patterns.

We are moving to a model where we spin up an environment per feature/epic branch, run a ton of test automation and would like to have a presentable dashboard available for each review/merge request.

Exporting/Importing objects is obviously not ideal since one would ideally only have to maintain one dashboard configuration. I would like to avoid having to update dozens of visualizations each time I need to modify a metric/dimension.

How are people using ElasticSearch for monitoring multiple environments?


We have something called spaces right now: https://www.elastic.co/blog/introducing-kibana-spaces-for-organization-and-security

But editing indexpattern per viz/dashboard is still in the works.

You can export and import your dashboards using https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/dashboard-import-api.html

Would that help?

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