Dashboard Timeout issue after 3000ms

Hi Team ,

I am facing this issue with my kibana 6.5.2 version . Please help me to resolve the same.

The dashboard timeout issue . Default Kibana dashboard timeout Is 3ms and it has been increased to 9ms to get response from Elasticsearch for Kibana. Dashboard is showing the same error even after setting this in the kibana.yml file.

The Kibana filter visualization for other dashboards are working fine. But when it comes to “Bad Gateway Error, Timeout issue,ObjectID missing” the filter is disabled for that particular moment. Once the page is refreshed the filter is back to working form.

Thanks in advance.

Athira Krishna


Can you please post a screenshot of the dashboard where the error is happening? and copy the es request and response from your network tab in dev console?

Also when you say filter visualization - is that input controls and does the dashboard still timeout after you disable input controls?


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