Dashboard timeout but individual visualisation is fast

I have a dashboard which contains about 10+ visualisations. This dashboard always timeouts (default 30s) whenever I query last 24 hours' data. However, if I bring out each individual visualisation and query last 24 hours data, most of them are very fast, taking only 1-3 seconds, except 1 or 2 taking slightly longer, no timeouts.
I have no idea why this is happening, can someone help to explain? Thanks a lot!

I'm using Kibana 4.6

Hi @zpp,

A few follow up questions so we can start figuring out what's going on here:

  1. Are you seeing any errors in the Kibana server log? If so, could you please paste them here.

  2. Are you seeing any errors in the browser's developer console? If so, could you please paste them here.

  3. If you open your browser's developer tools, networking tab, you will see an _msearch request being made when you load the dashboard page. Could you paste the response of this request here please?



@shaunak, thanks for your reply, here are the information:

  1. I don't see errors in the Kibana server logs. Mostly log lines are something like below:

  2. there are no errors in developer console, besides one "Could not locate that visualization". I've removed the visualization from dashboard.

  3. When there is timeout, there is no response for the _msearch. Response came back after we extended the timeout value in Kibana. 24 hours' data is about 6MB. I can't post the whole string here, do you have any particular string interested?

Thanks @zpp. Yeah, I was trying to determine where the bottleneck was. Sounds like its the _msearch request. Could you paste the body of this request (not its response) here? Maybe there are some clues there as to what's causing the slow down.



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