Dashboard which automatically selects today's index

I have a database with an index for each day. I would like to create a dashboard with visualizations using data from today's index. Each day, we create a new index so I would like the dashboard to automatically update to display the current (and most recent) day's worth of data. Is there a way I can easily do this? I think something along the lines of using date math in the index name for the visualization might be what I need but I haven't been able to get it to work. For reference, I was looking here
for ideas on date math.

Any ideas? Thanks!

And sorry to make this even more confusing, but I have one more request. Could I have solutions using both the current versions of ES/Kibana (8.8 I think) and version 5.5. We are in the process of updating our cluster but right now we use the 5.5 version so it would be nice to have a solution we can implement now and one for when we upgrade.

You can have a dashboard-level filter that limits the data to today's timerange.

It's also possible to create an index alias with a filter that limits access to only today's data.

The date math you need can be given to Elasticsearch as an expression. For example, to filter for data with a timestamp newer than last midnight, the expression is roughly: "@timestamp": { "gte": "now/d" } within a range filter. In Kibana, your dashboard filter configuration could look like:

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