How to make kibana dashboard

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Hi Team,

I have one doubt.

How to make kibana dashboard ?

For testing purpose i parsed some log files then created a sample dashboard in kibana.
Now i again reparsed those log files with same index, through logstash to check whether it will reflect in kibana dashboard. but the dashboard remain same.

How kibana works for dynamic dashboard?


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What are you actually seeing on the dashboard and whats is your expected change in the dashboard?
I think you know the query and timepicker feature for the Dashboards. (Timepicker top right and query top input field)

regards thekm1

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I tested it by enabling the autorefresh button, it worked fine, dashboard is updating now.

In my usecase I am creating index per day basis like "myindex-2018-10-10", similarly a new index will be created tomorrow "myindex-2018-10-11".

Now I don't want to create the dashboard everyday, I want my dashboard to get updated dynamically, How should I handle this situation as i want to display the date as well to show that its today's execution. below are the some ways which i think can be done, but i am not sure:

  1. Should I create (myindex*) index in kibana and then select the time duration from top right. but in this case how can i display the date.
    2)Should I create a index ( myindex) then type (yyyy-mm-dd) in logstash output , then in kibana dashboard i create index( "myindex") then add filed type to show the time .
    3)In kibana dashboard can we add date dynamically like once we create dashboard for "myindex*" then it possible that in dashboard title it picks the date dynamically for every execution.

I hope i am able to explain my problem.

Kindly suggest which is the best way to handle a situation where i want my dashboard to get updated dynamically and display the date also .


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Hi Richa,
make an index-pattern as you suggested. doc
Then search through that whole indexex which contains all the data. on the dashboard or visualisation creator you are able to define a relative timerange doc-tp
So you can only select from yesterday this setting will be according to your actual time.

Hope i described in the right direction.
regards thekm1

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Thanks thekm,

I created (myindex*) index in kibana which is a time-series index and then from time picker menu i am selecting last 15 mins to display latest dashboard.

Dashboard is getting updated dynamically. Thanks

One more thing which i want to do is to add date-time dynamically in Dashboard Title/Heading .How can i do that ?


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cool that i could help you. I am not sure if a dynamic title is possible at the moment. sry that i cant help you in this case =) Let me know if you find a solution

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