Does kibana 6.1.1 have dynamic dashboard support?

I have created some visualization , using that visualization i have created some dashboard.

I need, the dashboard will be generated dynamically according to the request i generate.

The values in request can be dynamic (change via user credentials) ?

HI @yuganshu4042,

Can you provide some more details about what you want exactly? What parts of the request are dynamic and where are the dynamic values coming from?

Hii @chrisronline

i have filtered logs by grok parttern in logstash configuration file, using which logs got filter and move to elasticsearch , and from elastic serach to kibana ,

Here in localhost:5601/ - we can easily create filter on search tab and get the values based upon search one

I'm looking for the api where i can pass the filter and kibana will provide me with the dashboard of those filtered values.

Hi @yuganshu4042,

If you use a filter in the Dashboard, you can see the API call made by clicking the arrow (as seen in the screenshot below) and then clicking the Request tab.

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