Dashboard wide border after Kibana upgrade

Kibana community,
We just upgraded from Kibana 5.x to 6.3.1. After the upgrade, I noticed a wide, white border between all my visualizations on my dashboards. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem?

Here is an example of what it looked like, before and after the upgrade.

Also, noticed colors used within visualizations did not carry over properly after the upgrade.

Can you do an inspect of one of the panels and post a screenshot showing where the margins are coming from? My guess is you had / have additional CSS you added to your Kibana installation. They may be in conflict with the panels as they are set up now.

Also note that in 6.1 the ability to add / remove panels was added to Kibana. In edit mode for your dashboard go to "Options" and see if they are turned off or on.

I'd definitely do an inspect though and see what class selector is adding the spacing. That can help me troubleshoot a bit more.

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@dsnider, please see attached the class selector and details to the padding that is getting added. We don't have any custom CSS we've added to Kibana, this is just what happened after the upgraded and did not exist before.

@dsnider, I've also included a snapshot of our options settings for this dashboard. Changing these made no real difference for the wide margin options of the dashboard.

@dsnider, here is another screenshot where I disable this padding in DevTools and you can see that margin issue goes away.

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