Dashboard with a mix of filebeat/packet indices

Recently we had an issue with an app. This app is deployed on a server with filebeat and packetbeat configured. This means that the error log of this app is shipped to an index and packetbeat to another.
I wanted to create a dashboard that would let me see the errors and traffic generated by this problematic app. The problem that I see with a dashboard with visualization from different indices is that I cant apply filters without breaking half of my data.
Say that I want to filter only HTTP packetbeat data; I would click the field showing packetbeat data and that would work, but! would show no docs from the filebeat index (since no protocol or port field would exist)

I don't think that the filebeat should contain traffic related fields, and.. viceversa.

Any idea of which could be the right approach for this issue...?


Unfortunately there isn’t any way to do this, but I know there is a good amount of work going on behind the scenes to make this possible. Track https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/5647 for updates.

Ok, I did my +1's

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