Dashboard with not aggregateable field

I am putting together simple visualization of the tweets count. If I will see the big spike of tweet counts, I want to click and display the tweets in a table to see what is going on.

Tweeter text feed is mapped by default to the following field:

"text": {
"type": "text"

When trying to add that field into the "Table" in visualizations, it does not appear in "Terms" or "Significant Terms".

Is there a way to be able to take that data out from this mapping into the dashboard? (without attempting to do following mapping:

"text": {
"type": "keyword"

I don't believe so, it has to be marked as aggregatable to be an option in visualize. You could add a new field and mark it as keyword so you have the original too. Look at multi fields: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/mapping-types.html#_multi_fields

Thanks Stacey!

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