Visualize buckets by using text fields

I would like to visualize buckets by using text fields rather than keywords. For doing this I enabled fielddata on the targeted text field. I am able to see the results when I am running the aggregation from dev tools. However, I am wondering how could I run it on Visualize, as I am unable to change the fields list?
Many thanks in advance.

Hi, what if you update the mapping of your text adding also a keyword type, and use that on your visualization?

Thank you so much for your answer.
My field is already a keyword and text.
My concern is how to aggregate on the text in the visualisation. I am able to do it on dev tools but not on visualize.

Can you describe your use case so I can describe which visualization tool is better to use for your case?

Hello markov,
Sorry for my late reply.
I have documents including a set of sentences and I'd like to have the most significant words from all the document. It could be done using an aggregation. As the aggregations only work on keywords, I used fielddata ( for enabling aggregation of text fields. However, now, I would like to do visualize that (vertical/ horizontal bar). The problem is that Kibana gives me only the possibility to select field.keyword. Example, if my field is content, I am unable to select bucket aggregation (inside visualize) on the content. I have only content.keyword as option.
Hope it is clear.
Many thanks.
Best regards.

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