Use of text fields in Visualizations

According to this thread, and this docs , it's not possible to use text fields in visualize, because is not a agreggable field.

En my environment a have a visuzation that is using a text field, and i can clone that to work in othres. But i can't add this field in another visualizations:

Can someone help me to understand this?

It's a good idea to enable fielddata on this field, since it is a field containing lots of common keyords ?

Thanks in advance

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hi @Denilson_Rodrigues,

the answer is a little more nuanced. Elasticsearch cannot aggregate on text-fields.

So for example, in Visualize, you wouldn't be able to do a terms-aggregation on a text-field. You would for example do that to create a pie-chart or group results row-by-row on that field in a DataTable.

Since so many visualizations rely on aggregations to get the data, I guess that's where that "not possible to use text-fields for visualizations" comes from.

For top-hits, the field is used for ordering, not aggregating, so it's a little bit of an exception to the "not possible to use text-fields" guideline.

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