Visualization in Kibana for Custome field

HI All,
We have application log in JSON format with key value pair and those keys are coming as Fields in Kibana GUI. WIth this field I am able to parse in text filter but those field does not have virtualization option neither those are showing under Visualization tab under Term.
Please let us know how to use those custom added fields as Visualization



So Kibana is using term aggregations in elasticsearch. Terms aggregation | Elasticsearch Reference [7.11] | Elastic

For Kibana to display the field you want in UI in visualizations under terms agg - the field has to be mapped as

 `terms` aggregation should be a field of type `keyword` or any other data type suitable for bucket aggregations. In order to use it with `text` you will need to enable [fielddata]("

So I suspect you will need to check your field mapping in elasticsearch and make changes to mappings if necessary.


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