Dashboards & visualization


I just started up my Kibana
I went through the recent Webinar of "building Kibana Dashboards", but from some reason I CAN'T see on my view the "data visualizer" and other default dashboards showed in the lecture

Should I import a specific file into Kibana so I be able to view the entire menu (as showed in the lecture) ?

I'm not sure what they show in the webinar, but if you're just looking for some sample data and dashboards and the like, you can add sample data from the Kibana "Home screen", which you can get to by clicking on the Kibana logo (it's also the first screen you see when you load Kibana the first time).

On that screen, you'll see an "Add sample data" section:

Clicking on the link there will show you some sample data options, just click install on one (or more) of them and give it a few seconds. It'll index a bunch of sample data into Elasticsearch and create visualizations and dashboards for them as well.

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