Data analysis with Kibana - How to get v8 Lab environment (current is still v7)

Some time ago I started the Data analysis with Kibana course which runs the v7.15.1 Lab environment.
Recently the exam got moved to v8 and I think my course updated, but my Lab environment is still at v7.15.1.

My colleague started the same course last week and course ID is the same, but she has a lab environment running at v8.8.1.

My current lab will expire on january 10th.
Is it possible to get a new lab environment running the v8.8.1 before this date so I can go through the exercises it on the correct version?

Hi @AdW,

Welcome to the community! I've tagged your question in the training topic so it can be picked up.

Hope that helps!

Thank you Carly!

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