Elastic Engineer I On-Demand Lab files

Hi all. I am taking the Elastic Engineer I on-demand course. I'm looking for the course files for use in my own lab. I've got a lab setup and functioning. The lab guide talks about importing data in several places. I'm not sure where to get the data in order to follow the lab guide. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Hi @rhugs, when you take this on-demand training, you get access to a virtual lab environment, which includes a VM in the cloud.

You can access this lab environment by selecting "Setting Up Your Lab" and next clicking on the "Lab" button:

This will bring you to a Linux terminal. You can use that Linux terminal to execute the labs. The lab instructions will ask you to ssh into a server called server1. It's on that server1 that you will find a dataset directory with datasets and Logstash/Filebeat configuration files.

Hi abdon. Thanks for replying to my post! I landed on building out my own lab because of the difficulty I've had with getting Kibana to run on the cloud VM. Sometimes Kibana would start after many minutes, mostly it would not start. After a week of trying to get the cloud labs to work, I gave up and built my own which seems to be working great. But, I'm unable to find any course files to follow the lab guide. I'm willing to give the cloud labs another try. Are there any tips to get Kibana working?

Hi abdon. Again, thanks for your response. Quick follow up question. Is it possible to download the files in the dataset directory on server1 for use in my own lab ?

I'm not sure what kind of issues you are running into with Kibana. It should run fine. If you could be more specific about the problem, we can try to help you troubleshoot Kibana.

Also, do you have a "standard" or "professional" training subscription? We run Ask the instructor sessions every Friday. If you have a subscription, feel free to join any of those sessions to have an instructor help you troubleshoot your lab environment.

We don't provide a mechanism to download the datasets.

Hi @rhugs,

I'm happy to assist you this Friday in the "Ask the instructor" session.

See you, Daniel

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