Problems Accessing Kibana Lab


I am currently enrolled in the Data Analysis with Kibana on-demand course.

I have been trying to use the lab environment to use Kibana. But I have been getting multiple issues such as 'kibana server is not ready yet', multiple reloading attempts that did not work and '502 Bad Gateway'. But, after several attempts of trying, I then managed to get the login page, which is fine then on. When I pause however, I would go through the who problems again. While trying to get back on, the timer will continue to run and that may take several minutes of my kibana exercise each time.

Can you help?


I've passed this along to the education team, in the meantime may I suggest using a local deployment for this? It's not very hard to setup and all the steps are defined in the documentation on our website. And it can be good practice for the exam as well.

Hi Marius,
Can you elaborate on what you meant by 'using local deployment'? This training I am taking only gives me access to your lab environment with sample data to play with. If you can provide specifics (links, etc.) outside your lab where I can still practice, do let me know.
Also, you mentioned that you have passed this along to the education team. Am I supposed to follow up with them now for something specific?

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