Kibana 502 Bad gateway error

Hi, I'm taking the "Data Analysis with Kibana (On-Demand)", and I cannot access kibana. When I click the kibana link shown on the page "", I get a 502 bad gateway. Can someone please help me?

It may take up to 20 minutes for Kibana to start, after you accessed your lab environment. If you see the 502 error, then that means that Kibana has not started yet.

If the problem persists after waiting for 20 minutes, please let us know here, and we can help you troubleshoot.

Hi Abdon,

thanks for replying.
I am still getting same error.

Alright. You will have to start Kibana manually then.

  1. When you log into your lab environment, you see a Linux terminal. Type the following command and hit enter:
ssh server1
  1. When prompted "Are you sure you want to continue connecting", type yes
  2. Next, stop any running Kibana process by typing the following:
killall node
  1. Now, start Kibana by typing the following:

You should now see some log messages in your terminal as Kibana starts up. After a while, you should see the following message:

Server running at http://server1:5601

That means Kibana should then be accessible.

elastic@ip-xxx-xx-x-xx:~ ssh server1 ssh: connect to host server1 port 22: Connection timed out elastic@ip-xxx-xx-x-xx:~

Alright, that explains the issue. There seems to be a problem with your VM.

I have just replaced your VM with a new one. If you log in to the lab environment again, and wait 20 minutes, Kibana should come up.

Unfortunately, replacing the VM means that any work you had done (visualizations that you had saved, etc.) is lost. My apologies for this inconvenience.

Thanks Abdon.

It is working now.

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