Machine learning training - Lab Issues


I couldnt get kibana or other options when i click Lab from the training console.

Also lab time is reduced to half without doing anything.


Hi Manu,
which Machine Learning training are you talking about? Can you add more details to your question?

Thank you,

Pablo Musa

HI Pablo,

I have a training " Elastic machine learning for cyber security" in my profile. Email ID is


  1. I am not able to access Kibana or other instances by clicking the LAB button on top left in the training console.
  2. My lab time exhausted by half without doing anything.

Thanks for your response.


It takes about 8-10 minutes for Kibana to start up after logging into your lab environment. Were you able to access it after awhile?

As for the lab time - I'm not sure what happened there. We can't add time to an existing lab environment but I can create a new one for you. Let me know if you need more time (you have 1 hour, 49 minutes left right now) and we can create a new lab environment for you. But you will have to start from the beginning of the lab.

Lab option is not active for me, please check that. I will try waiting 10 minutes after accessing the lab.

Also give me a new lab. I am fine with that.


I added you back into the class but I'm not sure the virtual lab environment has this ability until after you've used up the existing environment. I'll send them a note to see if they can reset the lab for you...

Yes, please let me know. But what if the lab finishes in between and I need to start from the beginning right ?


OK, your hours should be reset not to 100% of the normal time. I believe your lab is still in the state you left it. So you can log in and just go from where you left off.

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