Unable to access machine learning on Kibana lab

Course: Data Analysis with Kibana (On-Demand)
Version: 8.8.1
Question: I'm unable to continue lab 6 as I've limited access to machine learning. The only part I can access on machine learning currently is 'Data Visualizer'. How do I enable ML functionality to continue the lab?

Hello @jhl0129, welcome to the community!

Are you using the free trial with a machine learning node? Make sure to check your user privileges.

Hi Priscilla,

I'm on the Standard Training Subscription. Is there a limitation on machine learning on the standard subscription?

Under Stack Management > License Management, there is an option to start trial for ML for 30-days. I only have 30 days to work on the labs with regards to ML with the standard subscription?

Hi @jhl0129 ,

it looks like some thing is off with your lab environment, as you should have a valid trial license.

Please DM me with your e-mail so I can replace your lab environment to fix the problem.


Hi Andre,

How to I send you a DM? I'm unable to find that option.

When you click the user id there's an option to send a direct message. Anyway, I already messaged you.


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