Run Elastic Search Engineer On Demand localy


I have purchased subscripton training for Elastic Search Engineer - 1 On Demand and want to run it locally.

There is mentioned about the datasets available in archive downloads but it is missing. Raised this query with but they are not providing any proper support.

Do some body know how to download the missing file?


Hi Rahul,
thanks for reaching out and I am sorry for the late response. This forum is the right place to ask this kind of questions.

Unfortunately, the sentence in the material that mentions that zip file is a mistake and we actually don't provide a zip file.

May I ask you why do you want to run it locally? Did you run out of time?

Please, let me know if you have other questions.

Thank you

Hi Pablo,

I lost half of my lab time and there are issues with the lab while restarting the process, can you reset the lab?

I just need datasets to work locally too for logstash.



Hi Rahul,
sorry for the delay again, but it was a long holiday for me. I am not sure what are the "issues with the lab while restarting the process". The lab has been done and tested by many users and you are probably missing something. After you restart the Strigo environment, Elasticsearch and Kibana will be automatically running (similar to how the environment was when you paused it). You can check it by running the following command in the terminal:

ps aux | grep elastic
ps aux | grep kibana

If you want to stop Elasticsearch or Kibana you can run:

kill PID in which PID is the process id number retuned by the command above.

I could reset your lab, but in this case, you would need to redo everything from scratch. If that is what you want, send me your email via private message and I will do so.

Hello Pablo,

Please reset the lab, I am not able to work on it.

Don’t Elastic provides data feeds for Logstash and Filebeats?



Please, send me your email via private message so I can reset your lab.

There are a lot of different examples for Logstash and Filebeat in the documentation. You can also use the Kibana sample dataset.

I am referring to datasets from documentation only, like they have mentioned that I should download the filebeat and logstash archive files. When I will extract it there will be a folder named datasets
for logs. Unfortunately it is not there.

Also I send you the private message to reset my lab, kindly do the needful. It is many weeks that I am stuck on module 1.

Thank you in advance.



Hey Rahul,
I have replaced your labs, you should now be able to start from scratch.

The datasets should be in your environment already, so no need to download anything. Just follow the lab instructions using the Strigo environment.

Time is still showing as 13 hours 52 minutes. Did you reset it to 30 hours?

Lab is not getting loaded. Will you fix it please.

This is not a good experience. Elastic has charge a fortune for these training videos but there support is below standard, I would rate pathetic

Hello Rahul,
I am sorry that you are having a bad experience.

Lab is not getting loaded. Will you fix it please.

Can you give us more information? For example, a screenshot, or a page url, or a lab url. Have you followed all our recommendations? Disable adblockers; use latest chorme or firefox in incognito mode; make sure vpn and firewalls are not getting in the way (one easy way to test this is to use your phone internet).

It is saying workstation loading in the browser, I checked it on IE and Chrome with and without VPN.

Further the lab hours are showing as previous one. I have tested it on 2 laptops.
Earlier I am able to load the labs successfully.

I guess lab url changes everytime we start it?

Please fix the issue asap else I would need process to ask for refund.

Hi @rab ,

Yes you are correct, the lab URL changes after a restart as described in the course materials, Step 8 of connecting to the lab, I think. We don't recommend IE. Maybe there is a plugin in your Chrome setup that is causing the issue - as you haven't mentioned Firefox, perhaps you could try with a clean install of Firefox - this would not affect your current setup. Also, as @pmusa suggests, make sure you are not going via a VPN. Hope this helps

Also why there is listed instructions of running labs locally, if it is not applicable.

If there are some dependencies missing in chrome then it should give some errors not keeping the workstation getting prepared prompt.

Further what about the lab hours and details mentioned in training curriculum?

Hi @rab The instructions for running locally are not relevant to the online course. We would recommend to resolve the issues with connecting to the online course as running locally will not be simpler

If the instructions are not relevant then why they exists?

What about my other queries lab time, lab not working etc. I am facing issue from the time I purchased this expensive subscription but there is no proper guidance or fix to the errors.

Hi @rab The workstation getting prepared prompt will not persist more than minutes. If you are still seeing this, maybe you have some other issue. I would suggest to clear caches and reboot before trying again, and ensuring you are connecting to the latest instance for your labs

Ok I will try this but what about my other query related to Lab hours?

If running this subscription is this difficult then what is the procedure for refund?
Please suggest.