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I am working through my elastic search training material for the ElasticSearch Engineer 1 course and I have built my home environment - however it makes reference to accessing the blogs search page which was just an address of localhost:443.

I don't seem to be able to find any information on what I need to do in my home lab to get that going.

any chance some can provide some details on this?
I had a look in the

Running your labs on your local machine

but that doesnt give me any clues as how to get that section up and running. Any help on this would be appreciated.

Here is a screenshot form the course notes to show the interface I am looking for:

Just for completeness sake my labs are configured as follows:

3x VMS running Centos 7.9

  • elasticsearch-7.6.2
  • kibana-7.3.1
  • logstash-7.3.1
  • filebeat-7.3.1

Kind Regards
Nigel Marshall

Hello Nigel

Welcome to Elasticsearch Discuss! Glad to hear that you managed to set up your local lab environment.

With respect to the lab exercises, you should be able to get through all of them, by adapting the instructions to your local setup (for instance, there is no need to ssh into servers 1,2,3 etc as you're most likely running directly multiple instances in parallel).

There is only one exception, and this is about the sample search application you are asking for. This is not crucial for your learning experience. We provide this application in our hosted lab environments for illustration purposes, to enable you "playing" with the data and by doing so getting an ide about some Elasticsearch features and functions we are teaching in the course. As you've attended the training you hopefully had a chance to play with it. That's the whole purpose of this application.

To keep things simple we did not want to ask our students to set up an NGINX server to deploy and configure the sample search application. Therefore we also did not include the code in the zip-file. Short, there is nothing wrong with your setup - you are just fine. Ready to go for all the labs, except for the exercise you are supposed to play with the sample search application :slight_smile:

In case you come across any other issue, feel free to reach out to us again. We're happy to help! Good luck with the labs!


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the response, I will just ignore the references to the search application sections.

Just out of interest is there any chance that can be shared if I am left to do the NGINX / Apache setup?

Kind Regards

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