Data compilation From Netflow & Syslog messages from Cisco Equipment

Well, Hello everybody,
Actually, I'm working with Netflow protocol and have been working fine.
But, i would like work with Syslog too.
In my case i have some routers Cisco , i get data from Netflow protocol and show it on Kibana.
I'm not nothing sure, How i can configure it.
IF someone could help me to understand... because I don't how well is work.
~¿What i need?

  • ¿I need configure protocol in logstash how in my Router?
    -¿Is configuration similar to Netflow?
    -¿I need a new template?

Att: Thanks (^~^)-/ .

Logstash has a set of plugins you can download for that. I guess you are using the Netflow codec plugin to manage the Netflow information. So, there is this one for syslog You only have to edit the settings file that your Logstash uses to receive and send info to elasticsearch

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Thank you, Mr. prodrg.
I have one more question, with syslogs is possible get Temperature, fan condition... etc? from my Cisco routers of curse.

I am not so sure of it. I know Metricbeat is useful to send metrics from a system and its services to Elasticsearch, but I am not sure if it will work for your Cisco routers.

Yes, not problem.
I don't know too.
I'll be wating for an Admin if this could be possible.

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