Data display for Hour which has maximum value for a variable

Hello Team,

I will explain my query with below example.
I have below data

Column A,
Column B,
Column C,
Column D,
Column E

For last day (from 00:00 to 23:59 Hour), I need only that hour data which has maximum value of Column C

In the above table, For 8th Feb 2024, 14 Hour is the Hour which has maximum value of "Column C" out of 24 hours of 8th Feb. All other variables (Column A, B, C, D E, ) are displayed for Hour 14.

For 7th Feb 2024, Hour 15, was the hour which was having maximum value of Column C, so all other variables are displayed for Hour 15

Is there any way to populate this type of data in Kibana using Table or Graphical representation. Please suggest

I think you might accomplish this with a Transform.

I think you could create a transform with a pivot on the top_metrics aggregation and split that by a date_histogram.

The Transform examples may help with this.

Then the transformed index could be visualized in Lens.

Can you explain using any example please

Hello, the Transform examples are linked in the post above: Transform examples | Elasticsearch Guide [8.12] | Elastic