Data encryption in Elasticsearch

I would like to know if is possible to encrypt data with Elasticsearch. In afirmative case, from which major version is possible?

Thanks in advance.
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What kind of encryption are you looking for? In transit? At rest? Specific fields in a document?

Encryption in transit has been available a long time but has only in recent versions been made available as part of the free basic license. Encryption at rest typically requires a tool like dm-crypt as there is no built in support. Encrypting parts of documents is as far as I know not supported at all.

Hi Christian!!

I am refering about encrypt some fields inside a Elaticsearch document. I don't see anything inside the official documentation.

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I think you need to use Logstash cipher filter for this use case:

It has nothing to do with Elasticsearch though, so you need to decrypt the fields by yourself.

Hi Javier,

if you refer to encryption of stored data you can try using a filesystem which supports encryption like ZFS.

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