Data from rabbitmq river not getting indexed

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I am a newbie to Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ as well . Actually i'm trying to
connect Elasticsearch and RabbitMQ using the river plugin
I have binded exchange which elastic search is creating with the exchange
which my application is creating , exchange type as *fanout * .
when i am putting messages(which are in bulk api format) to the
exchange(exchange created by the application) , messages are neither
getting indexed in ES nor throwing some exception or error.
when i am putting messages which are not in bulk api format elastic search
is throwing : *org.elasticsearch.ElasticSearchParseException: Failed to
derive xcontent from org.elasticsearch.common.bytes.BytesArray@e1f1d071 *

Can any one please help out, with any documentation or let me know where i
have done wrong.

meta data for connecting to RabbitMQ river : {
"type" : "rabbitmq",
"rabbitmq" : {
"host" : "localhost",
"port" : 5672,
"user" : "guest",
"pass" : "guest",
"vhost" : "/",
"queue" : "elasticsearch",
"exchange" : "elasticsearch",

    "exchange_declare" : true,
    "exchange_type" : "fanout",
    "exchange_durable" : true,
    "queue_declare" : true,
    "queue_bind" : true,
    "queue_durable" : true,
    "queue_auto_delete" : false,
    "heartbeat" : "30m"
"index" : {
    "bulk_size" : 100,
    "bulk_timeout" : "100ms",
    "ordered" : false


Please help!!!

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