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Hi, let's say that I need to index data from 50 different sources (at the beginning). The data will have the same structure. Once a day (different hours) I will need to update the data (I don't care about the old data so remove the old data and replace that with a new data). Is it a good idea to keep each source data in a different index? (I will need to make a search query using all those indexes)

My idea at the moment: create index for every source, create aliases, when I need to update the data I can create a new index for single source, put the new data, change alias, remove old index. Will it be efficient?

I know that I can use a single index and put each source in a different type but I don't know if it's possible to replace the data (remove and add a new) without the impact on search.

Any better ideas?

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If you want to keep around the old data this would be the best idea!

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