How to transfer data from one elastic index to other

I have different sources of data coming from files . I want to create only one index for all the sources .Suppose source A data has three fields (a,b,c) and source B data has four fields (d,e,f,g) .I want to fit them in one index .I can create index with fields (a,b,c,d,e,f,g) and insert data in them ? .Is it the right thing to do?or what options I can do more


technically this is possible. You should however try to prevent something called a mapping explosion. So as long as you keep the number of fields at bay, this is fine.

Is there any particular reason why you do not want to use two indices?


Hi can you pls elaborate a bit .I have few report files csvs with different fields and I want to have one common index for all files .How can I achieve that? Like create one child index for every file and then merge data into parent index which has all fields ?

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