Best practice For big finite amount of data Transfer and managment

Hello guys, I am new to elastic so im asking for guidence regarding best practices, My goal is to get alot of different data and categorize it, i am contemplating on how to do it. i thought since it is all related to the same source then i would create 1 index and under that index ill create mapping in which ill make several Documents "types" and for each type his own mapping, the amount of data could get quite big, the question is if this is the correct way
the Data is not continuos, there is a finite amount of it, and my goal is searching in all of it once the transfer is done.

thanks :slight_smile:

No, things are changing in that regards and you will no longer be able to have multiple types in an index as of ES 6.0.

See Index vs. Type | Elastic Blog for some more info on best practises.

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Thank you for the fast response, is there any replacment?
or for now i should just create indice for each type i wanted to add and keep the shards value low?

That is the best idea.

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