Index and Type creation


I would like to ask you about some strategy about index and types. I will send to Elasticsearch about 1 million messages per day and i have 6 kind of messages. Should i creeate 6 types?
And about index performance, should i create an index per month or could be better has a index per day?

Have a look at this thread which discussed much the same thing. With such a low volume I would recommend using monthly rather than daily indices and store all data in a single index if possible.

Hi Christian,

Did you link the wrong thread? The link you sent me was the discussion
between the two of us!

Also, not exactly sure how you ascertained that our usage would be low
volume. We are trying to aggregate logs from various
projects/departments... the raw apache access+error logs from one project
alone are typically over 1.5G/day. Does that really constitute low volume?
Do you really think we can get away combining those logs with logs from
other projects and use a monthly index? That doesn't sound right at all...

Mike Charnoky

Hi Mike,

I posted a link to your thread in this thread as it discusses how to organise data into indices and types. This thread discusses a million messages per day, which I suspect is a relatively low volume, so the advice does not necessarily apply to your use case.


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