Too many Indexes or Few indexes with lots of data?

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We have an use case where we store data in indexes month wise. For eg. if I have created few blog posts in April 2017 it will be stored in index named as 'abc_2017.04'. So even if I write 100 blogs in april it will get stored in 'abc_2017.04' and for different months it will get stored in corresponding month wise indexes.

Another approach which we think of is to create 6 month indexes so if I write blog posts in first 6 months of year it will go in for eg., 'abc_2017.01-06'. But this index will then be having lots of data.

Which approach is better? Creating month wise indexes or creating few indexes and storing whole data in those few indexes?

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How much data do you have? 100 or even 10000 blogs per month doesn't sound like much. At that rate you could probably put a whole year or more in a single index (with a replica for availability) and still not have any issues.

The volume of data is pretty important answer such questions.


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Hey Robert,

As of now per month we have around 10,000 to 30,000 blogs. So if I create six month index and think of the maximum blogs stored as per current data I will have 1,80,000 posts data in the index.
What should be the limit of number of records in a given index ideally for this use case?

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Of course it depends on how big those blogs are. Basically you should avoid a lot of small indexes <1GB, as well as big indexes >20GB. If I was in your situation I would probably aim for somewhere around 5GB, monitor performance of the system and adjust later if needed. Keep in mind that you can later reindex your data if necessary.


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Thanks for the quick reply. Really helpful.

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