Data Limit For Data Table

Why there's a limitation for Data Table Visualization in number of rows it can show and Kibana complains that there is too many rows to show? When i want to show too much row the memory size can't efford this request. Is there any work around about Dynamic Data Table

I think this was asked in couple of discuss posts before. This isn't possible currently. Feel free to open up an enhancement request in our GitHub repo describing your specific use-case. However, please make sure to be specific for what you'd like to see implemented and your specific requirements.


Here is what we use: data browser
Tabular Elastic data browser (free Kibana plugin) with bunch of extras to standard Kibana data table and no limitations in terms of number of documents shown (infinite scrolling).

Thank you for your reply but i cant get dowload link in this page. And as i see it says for Kibana 6.5.4 but i'm using Kibana 7.1.1, is this works for me?

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