How to use server side pagination in kibana's data table?

Hello there,

I'm using elasticsearch and kibana 6.8. I use native kibana plugin for visualizations which is called "Data Table". It works fine with small count of rows, but when I get 1000 or 2000 rows, it renders about 10 or 20 seconds! I know it happens, because all rows loads at one time. It is not good idea with big amount of data, it should be done via server side pagination.
Is there a simple way to improve table's performance or add server side pagination? Or maybe there is another way how to get it?
Here is an example of my Data Table visualization settings



I don't believe there's a way to tweak how results are fetched since this entirely depends on data table's specific implementation. Having said this, it's very possible this issue has been addressed in a more recent version. It might be worth upgrading if possible to see if the problem has been resolved.


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