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I have this data table visualitation in Kibana, but it takes 6+ mins loading 1 month of data and even crashes my explorer. How is it possible to improve the performance?

I noticed that using date histogram in date fields helps load data faster, but is giving me the date value in other format, any suggestion?


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Curious, why are you splitting by so many different things? This is going to end up creating a row for every different combination of the different things you're splitting by. This isn't something that usually ends up being what you want.

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I wanted to generate a csv report. So, I "solved" this with the reporting module but I had to change the fields names.

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I have a similar issue, data tables are too slow.
Currently the limit is 200 rows, more than that, kibana gets stuck.

This means that when I need to look at data in dashboard (not 1 month data, but 1 night data), I only see partial info. In order to see more, I'll need to change the range every few mins (which also works slow). this is highly inconvenient.

Is there another table we can use to show more than 200 rows in one datatable without it getting stuck?

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I dont think so. As i said, the best solution i found was selecting the fields i wanted to see on the discover section and exporting the data as csv. On your case, you don't need to export it.

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