Data loss in elasticsearch after restart

Data is getting vanish whenever restart elasticsearch, using default configurations on elasticsearch.yaml

Need help on this, to avoid this issue.

elasticsearch version 1.6.0

Upgrade for starters.

Otherwise, please provide more information on what you are seeing.

When we restart the elasticsearch after modify on the elasticsearch.yaml file, we are not seeing any data on this elasticsearch.

Need help on this.

So what are you changing?

If you change the cluster name in the configuration file, the newly created cluster will not contain any old indices.

Hi Joar,

Thanks for the update.

Not changing the clustername, changing the heap mem size in "" and restarting elasticsearch.

Then if we see the data on it, its not showing any docs.

This is happening every time.

Please suggest, how avoid this data loss when we restart elasticsearch.


Check the ES logs for clues.

It seems strange.. perhaps you have altered the default data folder location? Is it being wiped by the OS or another application?