Data Masking ES 7.x

Hi all,
can I know what is the current situation regarding any kind of plugin/method for data masking?
I mean, if I would like to do it, what should be the best or suggest approach?

If you are meaning hiding some fields or documents depending on user rights, it's possible with the security plugin with a platinum license (commercial) or the 30 days trial which you can activate from Kibana.

hi @dadoonet,
no I would like to change field's value with, for instance, a hash.
I have already used the platinum feature "hide document/field" but in this situation I have to "change" the values inside fields.

You should compute a hash then.
The Logstash fingerprint plugin does that.

It's not available in elasticsearch yet as an ingest processor though. See

sorry @dadoonet, I'm not understanding the LS plugin usage :frowning:
probably my initial request was not so clear. my intention is to mask a specific field (for instance, the employees's revenue) with an hash code.

I'm not sure I can use the LS fingerprint plugin.

If you are ingesting your data using logstash then you can use the fingerprint plugin.

Otherwise you can create your own hash on the application side.

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