Data nodes on windows, Master node in Rancher (docker/k8)

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We are setting up a cluster where two data nodes are in windows.
3 master nodes are inside rancher.

Data (two nodes):,

Master (3 pods in on workload called master) master,,

Master nodes can contact data nodes but it send internal ip address and port.

Master is available in network on (random port generated by rancher for testing, port 45621 is a proxy for port 9300 on internal rancher ip:port), and internal rancher ip is
The master will then publish to data node and the result is a connection exception when master is trying to answer on that address.

is there a solution to this problem? or do i need to have the entire cluster on the same network?

Dan-Petter Jacobsen

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You only need to put the master-eligible nodes in the setting on each node. There's no need to mention the data nodes there.

Yes. At least, you need each node to be able to access each other node in the cluster using its transport.publish_host address.

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