Data sent through APM server is not injecting number fields

Kibana version : 7.17

Elasticsearch version : 7.17

APM Server version : 7.17

APM Agent language and version : java 1.8

Fresh install or upgraded from other version? fresh install

Is there anything special in your setup? For example, are you using the Logstash or Kafka outputs? Are you using a load balancer in front of the APM Servers? Have you changed index pattern, generated custom templates, changed agent configuration etc. :-no

I have several fields that I have been using for the previous versions of Elasticsearch . Uptil version 7.17.4 I don't see this issue. This is specific to version 7.17.7.

I am sending labels through APM server and they have fields of type number , double etc. But these fields are not been pushed to Elasticsearch . Only the APM label fields that has string as value is pushed to elastic. Those APM labels that had number values are not even coming to the elastic side. If I pass it as a string then my aggrgation wont work as I need to be number format and not keyword/text

Hi @anjana1 ,

Beyond the apm-server (and stack) version change, did the APM Java agent remained the same here ?
Can you clarify how and where are you setting the custom labels here ? Is that through the Java agent configuration, apm-server configuration or using the agent public API ?

AFAIK 7.17.4 the latest 7.17 stack release version. What is 7.17.7?

Yes Apm agent remained same.. may be a much older version.I am pushing data from a java application. My agent is elastic-apm-agent-1.9.0.

So when I do a discover in 7.17.0 my field labels.Amount is shown where as 7.17.4 does not show my label . If I convert the label to String from java and send, it appears but no use as its of type keyword.

I can may be create a mapping but it is having a conflict between keyword and double. None of these issues are there in 7.17.0

Sorry that's 7.17.4..

So basically 7.17.0 works without issue and 7.17.4 has issue ..sorry for confusion

You are using a pretty old agent. Please try the latest agent and see if the issue gets resolved.
For example, a related issue had been fixed in 1.28.0.
I just verified a numeric label is properly sent and stored using latest agent and 8.2 stack, so I expect it to work properly with 7.17.4 as well.

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