Data Splitting For a Field

I have uploaded some documents to elastic search and using Kibana to analyze. I have noticed if a Field has data that has values with spaces, it parses at space.

ex: Author is the filed:

Values: "George Orwell" "Oscar Wilde" on different documents. When i try to just get a simple Count, I get a double counting:

George 1
Orwell 1
Oscar 1
Wilde 1

Did i have something wrong on the upload or am i configuring the visualization incorrectly.

NOTE: In Kibana, the field is defined as Analyzed, guess this has something to do with it. Is their a way to remove this approach.

Thank you in advance.

Your observation about analyzed fields does have to do with it. Analyzing the fields is for full text searching the documents. For visualizing the data you want to have the fields mapped with not_analyzed.

You will need update your mapping to set the fields to not_analyzed and re-index the data.

See Mapping | Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide [2.x] | Elastic