Data Storage for Kibana Plugin

Hi there,

I was wondering whether Kibana offers any functionality regarding the storage of custom data objects (e.g. JSON) originating from a plugin that I'm creating.

Kibana seems to have the Saved Objects API, but that appears to only allow predetermined types, like visualization and dashboard.

It appears to me that I'll have to use a separate database instead connected to the back end server of my plugin.

Appreciate any advice or opinions on this matter.


Internally, all of our products' data is stored in Elasticsearch, and it's recommended that other plugin authors do the same. This can be done using the saved objects client, if you are trying to write a new saved object to the .kibana index, or by creating your own index in Elasticsearch and writing directly to that (tip: use callWithRequest to enforce security rules).

There's nothing stopping you from adding a dependency on another server, of course, but it adds overhead for users since they have to stand up that other server too.

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