Retrieve stored index-patterns


I'm developing an app plugin and I need to retrieve the stored index-patterns, the same way that a visualization object stores them.

How do I go about this?


Hey @havidarou, the Index Patterns themselves are serialized into a document and stored in the .kibana index. Kibana has it's own internal clients for interacting with saved objects; however, they've been changing a lot recently and aren't a documented/supported API and they might/will change in the future. However, they're becoming more stable and I'd recommend starting to look through the code here to see how we're retrieving all the index patterns.

Hi @Brandon_Kobel

thanks for your reply :smiley: .

I know, about the .kibana, saved objects and the code changing a lot, thanks for pointing me in some direction!

Would be nice to have a more stable API in the future.


@havidarou agreed, and it's something that we're working on internally. We try to note breaking changes for api users in our release notes, but the time being it's safest to test your plugin against the new versions to ensure everything works correctly.

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