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(Waleed Ali) #1

Hello, Just wanted to ask if there is a way we can get a list of all index patterns either from Kibana or ES (version 6.x)?
Actually, I am using Kibana API plugin to add new visualizations to my dashboard dynamically, but I am not finding a way to select Index Pattern (from the list) dynamically.

(Bhavya R M) #2

Hi Waleed,

GET _cat/indices in devtools will get you the list of all index patterns:

Not sure if you can use it to select index patterns dynamically though.


(Waleed Ali) #3

Hi Bhavya,

Thanks for your kind help. Unfortunately, this is not the thing I was looking for. I needed the index patterns (the ones we create in Kibana).
However, I managed to get it working by myself. Kibana API provides a way to do so (and I am not sure why is it not documented).
For all those trying to get Index Patterns, you can get it through the following endpoint:

Please correct me, if there is a better solution to that.


(Bhavya R M) #4

Yay. That should be it :). We don't document the Kibana api because its still considered experimental. Just keep an eye on it.


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