How to list all index patterns using DevTools


Is there a GET command that I can run in Kibana's dev tools console that will list all my index patterns and their IDs? I'm trying to delete some index patterns but I believe I need to delete them by ID.

I'm trying to do something like this in the dev tools console:
GET api/index_patterns/index_pattern/lab-aar-bgp-*

But this prints an error:

  "error" : "no handler found for uri [/api/index_patterns/index_pattern/lab-aar-bgp-*?pretty=true] and method [GET]"

I can delete the index pattern from the GUI but I would like to do it from the dev tools console.

Thank you.

There is not, the Dev tools is to interact with Elasticsearch only, to use the Kibana APIs you would need to make the request directly to Kibana.

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