Data table disappears using "Top Hit" aggregation

I'm working on creating a data table using "Top Hit" aggregation in Kibana version 6.6.0. I'm encountering a unique problem which I'm not able to figure out.

For few of the parameters, I'm able to sort and display the latest value in the table.

When I try to add few other "Top hit" metrics, complete data table gets disappeared and numerous refresh attempts result in nothing. Only when I disable that particular aggregation(which is causing this problem), I can see the data table reappear.
Am I doing anything wrong in this case?

Also for my data, the two different metrics have same timestamp here.
In general, by any chance, will data for different metrics arriving at different timestamp cause a problem?

I had a similar issue in the past.
Do you add the other metrics as "top hit" as well?

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Yes.. I did add other metrics too with "Top Hit" aggregation.
How did you resolve it?

I added all fields as metrics only, and all as top hits.
Removed them from buckets, if you have any.

All the "Top Hits" are in metrics..
But I need a bucket to categorize my data and apply metrics on it ..

How did you do in your case without a bucket though??

It depends on the use case.
I managed to create the visual I need without buckets, or just a few.
Some fields added to the bucket list created the issue.

I would check which fields create the issue and try to move them to the metric.
I think this is a kind of workaround, maybe someone will know the root cause and how to solve it.

Yeah Same in my case too..Few metrics and some buckets are causing the problem..
Hope to find a definitive solution though..Might be a bug/we're not aware of any hidden limitations using Top Hit..

Let's see if anyone from Elastic team answers it..Thanks for sharing your experience AClerk..

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