Data Table Visualization :: Autosort and Display only Top N?

Hi Kibana Gurus,

I have a Data Table Visualization that works great. The full table contains hundreds of rows of data. When I look at the table, I can sort the table by a specific data field and limit the number of rows with the options or filters, etc. So far, so good.

But I’m about to turn my Kibana dashboard over to our Operations group. The operators will not have any Kibana training, and they won’t want to fiddle with the options. The group’s manager likes my Data Table, but has two requests:

  • He wants the table to automatically sort on one specific column – it will always be the same column.
  • Once sorted, he only wants to see the top 10 rows.

This seems simple enough. I’ve been researching the Kibana documentation, and I’m afraid I just can’t figure out how to approach this. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks!

I have a similar issue.

Let's hope for an answer...


Indeed! I will watch your post and you watch mine and hopefully we can get the answers we need collectively. :slight_smile: thanks

Hi Kibana Gurus,

Sorry to prod... any thoughts on this? Any help - pointing to a relevant tutorial, another post, even giving me some keywords to focus my Google searches - will be appreciated.

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